Geniux Review: Try #1 Brain Booster Formula For Better Focux!

Suffering from memory loss? Trouble focusing? Down on energy? Need to boost brain function? Read this review on Geniux before trying anything else.

What Is Geniux?

Geniux is a natural cognitive enhancer that was created with scientifically proven ingredients to enhance your brain’s ability by improving short and long term memory, removing brain fog and improving your concentration. But the benefits don’t stop here, Geniux claims, as the formula promises to provide you with day-lasting energy that will get your through your school hours or work schedule with no subsequently crashes.

Having been developed by scientists for several years, the cognitive blend aims to offer the same results as prescription drugs, but without using harmful substances – it’s all natural and with no side effects with Geniux.

Geniux contains advanced and innovative ingredients that have been thoroughly tested and proven to assist the proper functioning and enhancement of brain performance. After testing and developing this brain booster, Geniux said it finally managed to create the perfect formula that effectively delivers these potent ingredients directly to the brain.
What this means for the user taking Geniux is that the results are almost instantaneous and the cognitive enhancer will significantly boost your brain’s function while also increasing energy levels. With it, you should be lively and sharp throughout the entire day, thinking clearer, being able to concentrate and making better decisions, with no mental fatigue.

How Does Geniux Work?

The proprietary blend of Geniux was created to work in more than one way, but to collectively offer a brain function boost. Geniux claims its formula will give you:

Better Memory Recall

With age, we naturally start to have memory problems. But what if there’s something you can do to slow down that process, or better yet – reverse it! Geniux tries to put an end to memory loss by accessing certain key areas in memory retention that were regarded as untouchable before. Now you don’t have to fear losing your memory.

Improved Focus

Geniux’s potent and carefully sourced ingredients supply your brain with everything it needs – including vital nutrients – to function properly and help you concentrate on your current tasks until you get things done.

Enhanced Brain Potential

Nootropics improve the function of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine to improve learning and memory processes. Even more so, nootropics influence cerebral and vascular functions to enhance the brain’s potential while supplying it with a source of energy designed to keep you alert and motivated.

Increased Mental Clarity

Geniux works to remove brain fog so you can think clearly and allow for an easy completion of daily tasks. In a short period of time, Geniux works to provide a clearer mind with no brain fatigue.

More Energy

The impressive ingredients in Geniux start working immediately to supply you with more energy. Unlike other cognitive enhancers, Geniux guarantees that it doesn’t use ingredients that make you feel lively for a few hours only to allow you to be hit by a huge crash later on.

Do You Need Geniux?

If you feel like there’s a decline in your cognitive function, then Geniux could be a solution to get rid of those issues. If you have experiencing one or more of the following signs, you should consider taking this cognitive enhancer:

  • Declining mental ability
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Memory loss
  • Lacking the ability to focus
  • Diminished energy

These signs may be attributed to the fact that your brain is simply not getting the right nutrition, so it would be wise to remedy that. Geniux can replenish depleted nutrient levels and restore cognitive function.

Geniux Ingredients

Geniux has a proprietary formula that includes the most potent, effective and proven ingredients that can be used in a cognitive enhancer. Geniux also claims that it’s not only the ingredients that make it highly effective, but also the delivery system that ensures all of the compounds reach your brain within minutes.

GABA – an inhibitory neurotransmitter that inhibits the onset of over excitement and help you keep your focus.

Manuka Honey – prevents memory loss.

Propolis – protects the brain from damage and atrophy of nerve cells.

Huperzine A – prevents the breaking down of the brain’s natural neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, which plays an important role in forming memories, concentration, verbal and logical reasoning.

A-AKG – an essential protein for brain rewiring.

Tyrosine – promotes mental alertness by helping you create neurotransmitters.

Alpha GPC – promotes proper function of neurotransmitter, which is essential to healthy cognition.

Vinpocetine – improves the brain’s use of glucose, enhancing ATP energy production.

Royal Bee Pollen – stimulates memory and the power of concentration, with diminution of errors.

Bacopa Monnieri – increases cognitive function and cerebral blood flow at the same time.

Know More About All Brain Booster Ingredients

Why Choose Geniux?

I think most of you are familiar with the movie ‘Limitless’ and the pill that was supposed to skyrocket your brain power and then anything became possible. From what we’ve read online, some customers have compared Geniux with the fictional drug called NZT-48. Keeping a sense of proportion, of course, this assessment is related to the high quality ingredients in Geniux that are proven to work. So, why choose Geniux? To…

  • Increase focus and concentration (Vinpocetine)
  • Improve speed of visual information processing, memory consolidation and learning rate (Bacopa Monnieri)
  • Enhance memory and learning performance (Huperzine A)
  • Considerably reduce physical and mental exhaustion, improve well-being and get higher test scores (Alpha GPC)
  • Promote mental alertness and reduces stress without having a sedation effect (L-Tyrosine)

Summary of Geniux

  • Enhances short-term memory
  • Significantly improves long term memory
  • Increased concentration
  • Improved energy levels
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Enhanced brain performance
  • Natural formula
  • Made in the USA
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Where to Buy Geniux?

Geniux can be found online only at the moment. It’s worth mentioning that Geniux says it has a limited supply in stock, so if you want to buy it, act quickly. Click here to go to the manufacturer’s website.

Final Verdict on Geniux: 9.5/10

If you’re here, you definitely need a boost in your brain. And who doesn’t? With how crazy our lives are and all the distractions surrounding us, it’s important to find something that will restore our focus and help us get tasks done. For example, most of us tend to check our phones frequently, so a boost in concentration is more than welcomed.

And, as I’ve discovered myself, this is precisely the effect that Geniux creates – it helps enhance awareness, clears the mind and improves memory. I experienced reduced short-term memory loss – for example I tend to forget what I want to say when talking to someone. There were also less cases of forgetfulness; I tend to forget to do certain chores, run errands etc. I can also confirm that I have not experienced any crashes after work hours, so the claim is true, for me at least. I have also experienced mild improvements in energy levels.

I was skeptical at first regarding Geniux, ordering the 1 bottle package, but after the first week I went online again and bought the 5-bottle package, as supply was limited. Geniux is the real deal.


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